About Us

Company Profile
Nature Of Business . Manufacturer
. Exporter
. Supplier
. Retailer
Year of establishment 1988
Ownership Type Private
Total no of Employees 10-15
Location Photo showroom

The company established in 1988. The company always gives its better service and better quality in all over the world. Rajarani company is a well known reputed company in Odisha. Raja rani company is a company where you can get every type of carving product and all type of decorative items. Company gives you apparels and accessories, feng shui articles, home decoration, Indian Painting, Vaastu Articles, Sculptures, Wooden Carving, Fiber. Raja rani company also give you the interior design idea and vastu knowldge.

AND ONE MORE THINGS RAJA RANI COMPANY THE 1st STONE CARVING COMPANY who gives his customer the ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY OF LIVE + CG(computer generate) works, it would help the customer to see their project how it looks after the work finshed.

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